Combat Shelf

The An Tir Library Combat Shelf contains the following documents (among others) that can be printed out from pdf format:  
An Tir Library
I will link below the various documents that I have found useful in keeping lists for both Heavy and Rapier tournaments.  Others will be added as needed.

ABC (The An Tir Book of Combat )
The An Tir Book of Youth Armoured Combat
Royal Archer Home Page 
The An Tir Book of Target  
An Tir Book of Rapier Combat
An Tir Cut Thrust ABCs
Equestrian Activities within the Kingdom of An Tir 
Lists Forms Library (similar to below, but missing Round Robin)
Forms for use by Lists
Yolande's checklist for List Keepers
          (aka What should I bring/have with me)

Registration Form

Double-Elimination form (aka bowling sheet)
          NOTE:  Many double-elimination tourneys are run
          with "Knights/Dons Advantage" which means that
          Knights/Dons are paired with unranked fighters
          until it becomes necessary to pair them with 
          ranked fighters.  Remember that only fighting
          titles have any place on the fighting field.

Herald Cards
          These are the 3" x 5" cards used to pair fighters.
          Copy this page onto cardstock for durability.
          When giving the paired cards to the Heralds, the
          card of the higher ranked fighter goes on top.  The
          pairings are then alternated (one pair |, one pair --,
          and so on.

Lists Reporting Form
          This is a great document for reporting on any
          tournament.  Forward a copy to Principality Lists
         (if applicable) and Kingdom Lists.

Round Robin pairing list
          This is a handy pairing list I found on the Web.
          I think it was originally for a volleyball tournament
          but it works for our purposes too.

Round Robin forms
          There are multiple tabs across the bottom
          with 2 sheets on each tab (Tabs 9-10 and
          11-12 are designed to be back-to-back.
          Pairing are already listed in each box

Squire/Cadet Tourney form
          Usually run in 2 sessions of 30 or 40 minutes with 
          a 10 or 15 minute break between the sessions.
          Sometimes losses are not recorded, but if you
          wish to have a winner for "Most Fights" they
          should be.

Win/Loss Recording Sheet
          Use after the tourney to legibly print
          (alphabetically is best) the totals for each fighter.
          This should then be posted.  This form is usually
          what other people will want copies of (see below).
Carbon paper can be a real lifesaver when multiple people "have to have" copies of the lists before you leave the event.  With little to no access to copiers while on site, this is the next best thing.
 All Excel files are saved
as Excel 5.0/95

All Word files are saved
as Word 6.0/95 or
Rich Text Format (.rtf)
Last Update:  08/08/17
Maintained by Baroness Alessandra de Montefeltro
An Tir Lists

Apologies are extended to anyone whose titles I've missed.
Feel free to send corrections to 
Baroness Alessandra de Montefeltro, GdS, JdL
Form #    Marshalling/Lists Form Title 
15   4 Year Authorization
16   Recommendation for Marshal Promotion
17   Branch Marshal Quarterly Report 
19   Marshal in Charge 
20   Incident Report 
27   Combat Practice Roster for Members
52    2 Year Authorization for Youth Armoured Combat
53    Minor Waiver for Combat Activities - Authorizations
55    Marshal Sign-in Sheet
56    Minor Waiver for Combat Activities - Single Use Situations
Forms Shelf

The An Tir Library Forms Shelf contains the following documents (among others) that can be printed out from pdf format: