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All authorization forms should be filled out legibly
(prior to the event for which you need to be authorized)
and mailed to:

Her Ladyship Luaithrend inghean Uilliam (Laurie Mohr Magan)
An Tir Marshal Authorization Officer
18767  4th Ave
Suquamish WA 98392

As of Decemer 2016, a new "4 Year Authorization" form has become available. 

This form requires the authorizing senior marshal's LEGAL name both SIGNED and PRINTED, printed SCA name, and SCA membership number. If a participant takes part in more than one discipline, the authorizing senior marshal for each discipline can be typed in if the skill is pre-existing in the combat roster, but MUST BE at least initialed off if the skill is new. Any questions, contact the current Martial Authorization Officer.
REMEMBER:  Recommendation for Marshal Promotion Forms (MPF) must be accompanied by a copy of the front and back of the membership card if promotion is to Senior Marshal level.  Marshal promotions should be sent to the Principality Marshal (as applicable) then to the Kingdom Earl Marshal's office.  Until approval is received from the KEM or their deputy, 
DO NOT act in the capacity of a Senior Marshal!!!
Last Update:  08/08/17
Created on 03/27/02
Maintained by Baroness Alessandra da Montefeltro

Definition of the Office:
Minister of Lists

The Kingdom Lists Minister is a lesser Kingdom officer under the administration of the Earl Marshal. The Lists Minister is responsible for maintaining a roster of qualified fighters in An Tir who participate in tournaments and wars, and running and recording the crown list pairings. He/she also maintains fighter cards and combat waivers. No fighter card is issued unless the fighter has also filled out a combat waiver/authorization sheet and has sent it to the Minister of the Lists. She/he then keeps an up-to-date record of all authorizations. 

The Kingdom Lists Minister is responsible for the lists at Crown Events and also trains branch lists ministers in how to properly conduct lists. 

Principality List Ministers 
Principality List Ministers are responsible for organizing the lists at the 
Coronet Tournaments and Principality Championships. 

Branch Lists Officers 
Branch List Officers: confirm that all combatants have fighter 
authorization cards; arrange and record the pairing of fighters at 
tournaments and demonstrations; compile a roster of fighters in 
their area with a note on the qualifications of each; see that combat 
waivers are brought to and used at all functions which might involve
fighting (heavy combat, light combat, or rapier combat); assist the 
Kingdom Lists Minister, when asked, at Kingdom Level events; work 
in conjunction and cooperation with the marshals and heralds to 
ensure a smoothly run tournament. 

The An Tir Handbook, 3rd Edition, May XXXIII/1998 
Where to send Authorization Forms
Kingdom Minister of Lists
HL Rose Atherton (Ruth Ames)

This is not a production of the The Kingdom of An Tir or The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. It is not a corporate production of the SCA, Inc. and does not delineate SCA, Inc. policies.   This page was constructed by and is maintained by Lady Alessandra de Montefeltro who lives in the Barony of Aquaterra and plays in the Barony of Madrone.   If you have comments/suggestions about this webpage or wish to report broken code or links, please send email to Alessandra.   Participants in the Kingdom of An Tir are encouraged to submit tournament related articles for inclusion in this site. All submissions are subject to the approval of the Kingdom Minister of Lists.
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